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The Gift of Giving

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The Gift of Giving

I hope this blog finds you deep in the Holiday Spirit! You are most likely juggling many balls in the air with added activities of shopping, holiday cards and even possibly baking. I am caught in the midst of that too, and this year there is a new endeavor on my list, a trip to Calgary and Banff Canada this week. Talk about an adventure!

While chiseling way on my list that grows longer by the day, I reflect back to my childhood and the preparation for Christmas that my Mother enjoyed. I remember watching her make fudge and divinity candy by the batches and she would sing while the candy cooked. When it was all said and done there was a tremendous amount of candy. She would then wrap the batches and off she would go with her deliveries to different people in the community.

She would return beaming with a smile. I asked where all is she had been and she would share names of people in the valley that were all living alone and most of them were older. I remember asking her “Why did you do that Mom?” She sat on the couch with me and replied, ” It is the joy of giving that is the important gift. Those people are alone and Christmas is about others and sharing. Always, remember that.” To this day, I do remember that moment and those words!

Deb and Mother 10-2014This Christmas my Mother is 92 and very frail. It is now my turn to give to her so when I visit, I take whatever I have baked to her. We sit and smile and share memories of her making candy and delivering to others. It is the Gift of Giving that brings the true meaning of joy!

When struggling with your lists and long days of work and errands, I hope you will take the time for reflection. Take a moment to embrace those beautiful memories and cherish them! Remember, too how very special you are!

My Best to each of you and may hour Holidays be filled with love and joy!

Discovering What to Wear For Fall

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Discovering What to Wear For Fall

Happy Fall Everyone,

Nov 2014-Oooh That Look NewsletterI hope this finds you deep into your fall wardrobe whether it is exploring new pieces or recreating old treasures! In either case embellish this time of year because you can really make a statement about who you are by the way you dress.

Coco Chanel once said “Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions. I totally agree with this as I truly believe there is something fashion wise that can make everyone feel beautiful. It doesn’t have to be frilly, it doesn’t have to be trendy but, it must fit who you are and your “architecture.”

There are two essential rules of thumb when it comes to what you wear:

  1. You need to know how you are physically proportioned
  2. What looks great on you.

When you have identified and practice these two guidelines, you are on your way to many fashion compliments. To expand on this, know your shape; are you a pear shape, tall and thin or maybe an hour glass. Once you capture this, you always want to extenuate your best feature, if you have a tiny waist show that waist off! If you have great legs then put them to work in a lovely dress or skirt and pop on some heels. If you have problem areas learn how to disguise them. Muffin tops should not wear tight tops but instead something that is a little looser in the midriff area.

What do you enjoy wearing, identify your best colors and what you are comfortable in. Do you like bright vibrant hues or do you gravitate to black and navy? Do you accessorize or is that too much effort to pull that together? Think about this for a moment, you know what you like when it comes to nail color, you know what hair style you think becomes you, have you really spent sometime in knowing what makes you lovely in your dressing apparel???

This February I will be doing fashion workshops on the “Do’s and Don’ts” of what you should wear and how to “Accentuate the Positive and Eliminate the Negative.” I will be sharing more information on that after the holidays. In the meantime reflect on my above statements and see if they help.

Also, email me and let me know fashion topics or tips you might be interested in, I would love to hear from you!

In closing I would like to share what Joan Gustafson a recent client of mine expressed about her shopping experience: “I feel great in my new clothes and have gotten many compliments. They fit perfectly and look so nice. I have never done anything like that for myself in my life! It was a glorious experience and it makes me feel like I can conquer the world………or maybe a little part of it!”

Take time for your self ladies, you are your best investment! Remember too, “Accentuate the Positive and Eliminate the Negative!”

My best to you and Happy Thanksgiving!

Great Fall Accessories at Reasonable Prices

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Great Fall Accessories at Reasonable Prices

Fall Accessories Priced RightCome on Fall…………I can’t wait to wear these hot new dark charcoal booties with my black fedora! Throw the scarf into the mix and you are ready for an evening football game, that out door party or just jutting around town!

The biggest investment were the boots for $70.00 but they will last for years. The hat was a great find at my Sister’s Closet zero cost to me as I had enough store credit. Even without the credit it was still reasonably priced at 17.00…..great price for a black felt well made piece. The scarf is the icing on the cake. I have many of these that I have accumulated over the years. This one was a Steinmart find for 20.00.

Throw these together with a pair of black jeans and a red long sleeve top and watch the compliments flow. If you want to change it up for cooler weather throw a longer charcoal sweater over black tights and you are good to go. Knee high boots would go well with either of these too.

These accessories can be one of your game changers for this season and at very little cost! If you need help in pulling together please, give me a call!

Happy Styling!

Fall is My Favorite Fashion Season!!

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Fall is My Favorite Fashion Season!!

Hello Ladies,

Well, we are finally rolling into fall, can you believe it is the middle of September! I trust that everyone has had a wonderful summer with some special time away from the heat! I am waiting for that morning when I can open my sliding glass doors and feel that hint of coolness and scent of autumn.

Fall is my favorite season! I absolutely love all that it brings with it especially, the fashion. I find it so exhilarating to be able to consider that long sleeve top, scarfs and best of all boots are around the corner. Let the festivities begin.

Fall Fashion-Mustard JacketWe are fortunate this year to have a little something for everyone. Seriously, whatever your color palate may request, it awaits you. True Red is a hot color this year and so is Cobalt Blue both of these are wonderful and can really make you feel like a beautiful lady. I caution you on the True Red as it really needs to be the right shade for you. Mustard, Tangerine and Olive round out some hot offerings too. Picture that Mustard jacket with Black leather trim and if it suits your tones, you are good to go uptown, downtown where ever your heart desires.

Fashion-Animal Leopard PrintOne of my favorite things that I absolutely can’t get enough of is Animal Motif especially, Leopard. It is definitely in!!!! I love to have jackets, scarfs and of course flats. Not to be worn all at once but mixed with prudent fashion judgment……MEOW!

A must have for all is a new pair of jeans to accompany those fine jackets that are out there and of course those hot boots! I love the “Skinny Jeans” because of the versatility around the ankle. You can wear flats now and later pull on the boots without any excess jean to bulk. I love The Loft jeans as they hold up well and I can count on the fit. There are many good styles and places to choose from when shopping for these.

When considering the change of season don’t forget to focus on your lips and eye shadows if you wear these makeup items. We get in ruts sometimes and don’t want to try those new shades. Meet with your favorite makeup artist to help you with those decisions as the wrong color can be vicious!

Also, if you are a fragrance lover that are some fabulous new ones out for the season. I love Bottega Veneta Knot, Tom Ford’s Velvet Orchid and don’t forget Jo Malone usually has some new introductions for this time of year. Remember, fragrances should whisper who you are not shout when you walk in the room!

Animal Print Scarf and ShoesAs always dear ladies, it is my pleasure to share these tips with you. Remember, “Fashion is a Powerful Tool” let it help you enhance your success! Here’s to “Accentuating the Positive and Eliminating the Negative” and stay tuned for next month where we will take a deep dive into those stunning boots and footwear for the season.

My Best To You,

“Summer Closet Cleansing”

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Tired of that closet attire……not sure what to keep or what to toss! Still hanging onto things that are 5 years old and looked good on the rack. It is time for a “Summer Closet Cleansing”! Now through the end of August invest in yourself and get your clothes in order. For $200.00 you can feel refreshed without breaking the bank! Call me at 480-824-8035 or login and let’s get Cleansed!


Fashion Show

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Fashion Show at DelaFIT Fitness Boutique -April 27, 2013, with Coldwater Creek furnishing the wardrobe:

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