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I’ve known Deb for many years and from the start, I was impressed with her style. She is always very “put together” and is stylish without being too trendy. We’ve been shopping together many times and she always finds the neatest items for me. Deb is really in tune with what I like and what looks great on me. She has a great eye!

Tina Yont
Scottsdale, AZ


Hello! My name is Gayle Gutierrez and I am a Sales Executive with a leading Health Care Company. I have known Deb Sikes for 5 years as both a friend and co-worker and she is one classy lady! We have used her fashion prowess to help coordinate work fashion events/shows and I would highly recommend her for your next event! You will love her looks!

Gayle Gutierrez


I have shopped for several years with Deborah Sikes and she is very talented at selecting just the right styles and colors for me. I can be wondering around the racks looking at items and noting pops out at me. Then, along comes Deb with two or three pieces of clothing and says “I think this would look good on you”. After heading off to the fitting room, low and behold, she was right on target. I am amazed at her sense of style and being able to envision how different pieces of clothing will pull together and make just the right look. Deb is my go to person when I need just the right look.

Dawn Hewitt
Retired Budget & Program Analyst


Initially Deb and I were co-workers and once we both moved on to new endeavors, we became friends. Deb is the type of person that makes you feel comfortable as soon as you meet her. In addition, she is a very positive and fun person who's spirit is contagious. Deb carries herself in a very classy but fun way and is very open minded and easy to be around. I admire her sense of style. She always looks amazing and well "put together" and has often astonished me when she shares the bargains she has found on her various shopping trips. I am sure you will enjoy your time with Deb and cherish it as much as I do.

Krista Scott