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The Gift of Giving

on 12-17-2014

I hope this blog finds you deep in the Holiday Spirit! You are most likely juggling many balls in the air with added activities of shopping, holiday cards and even possibly baking. I am caught in the midst of that too, and this year there is a new endeavor on my list, a trip to Calgary and Banff Canada this week. Talk about an adventure!

While chiseling way on my list that grows longer by the day, I reflect back to my childhood and the preparation for Christmas that my Mother enjoyed. I remember watching her make fudge and divinity candy by the batches and she would sing while the candy cooked. When it was all said and done there was a tremendous amount of candy. She would then wrap the batches and off she would go with her deliveries to different people in the community.

She would return beaming with a smile. I asked where all is she had been and she would share names of people in the valley that were all living alone and most of them were older. I remember asking her “Why did you do that Mom?” She sat on the couch with me and replied, ” It is the joy of giving that is the important gift. Those people are alone and Christmas is about others and sharing. Always, remember that.” To this day, I do remember that moment and those words!

Deb and Mother 10-2014This Christmas my Mother is 92 and very frail. It is now my turn to give to her so when I visit, I take whatever I have baked to her. We sit and smile and share memories of her making candy and delivering to others. It is the Gift of Giving that brings the true meaning of joy!

When struggling with your lists and long days of work and errands, I hope you will take the time for reflection. Take a moment to embrace those beautiful memories and cherish them! Remember, too how very special you are!

My Best to each of you and may hour Holidays be filled with love and joy!

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